Meetings & Events

Just like you, we are Event Planners. The deal is, you plan the Event, and we assist you throughout the process.

The event in question may be a corporate meeting, a seminar, a training session or a congress

  • Project management, we use seamless project management tools that help us keep every milestone, every task, every budget line, on track. We upload our working documents to the cloud, and share them with you, so that we can work on the same document simultaneously.
  • Document editing:  Document editing and formatting is one of our most highly demanded services. We can help format and edit documents such as Abstract books, or enhance a Keynote presentation PowerPoint, dramatically improving the visuals and the graphics.
  •  Data Visualization : we can even turn your excel dataset into graphics that are self-explanatory, and just beautiful. We use statistical and mathematical software packages for that purpose.
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