GSMA presents health and safety plan for MWC21

The GSMA has shared details of its health and safety plan for MWC21 Barcelona.

The plan was developed in coordination with and approved by the Catalan health authorities responsible for the regulations governing MWC21, including the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Technical Committee of the Procicat.

According to the Sectorial Plan of Fairs and Congresses, it satisfies the directives and recommendations for event organisers. The health and safety plan, Committed Community, will impact everyone involved with the event. It takes a layered approach designed to create a safe environment for staff, workers, exhibitors, visitors, suppliers, partners, and the local community.

We explain the most important ones here:
? All participants who fly in by plane will have to bring a negative COVID-19 test result in a period of time that does not exceed 72 hours.
? Participants who arrive by car or train will have to go to the designated points to check their health status.
? The tests will have to be carried out every 72 hours and an app will be available that will notify you when the test expires.
? There will be temperature controls at each access point.
? The use of FFP2 masks will be mandatory.
? There will be up to 13 thousand dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel.
? There will be isolation rooms to wait for the test results.
? It will be a “touchless” MWC, in which work will be done so that there is minimal contact from the arrival of the attendees at the airport of El Prat until the use of devices within the venue.
? There will be twice the amount of tickets to the venue.
? Pathways inside the venue will be marked to help people travel in one direction.
? The #MWC will control access and capacity in the venue.
If you are planning to attend the show, we will be able to help you with the ground arrangements. Just contact us or send us an email to


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