5 Reasons to visit Barcelona
1.- Everything's close at hand
2.- Mediterranean, Historical and vanguardist at the same time
3.-Very close - easy to reach by air, sea or land
4.- Good restaurants and hotels facilities
5.- Friendly, Dynamic and Cosmopolitan
mix of old and new with lots to explore
Why Valencia?
1.- Sun, Beach and Relax
2.- Good value for money
3.- The City of Arts and Sciences
4.- It's a green city
5.- Paella
mix of old and new with lots to explore
Come to Madrid....
1.- Weather is good year around
2.- The best tapas
3.- Royal Palace and its gardens and the Retiro Park
4.- Madrid's rich history
5.- Lively nightlife
Regularly derided but perennially popular, Spain’s famous ‘sun coast’ is a chameleonic agglomeration of end-to-end resort towns that were once (hard to believe) mere fishing villages. Development in the last 60 years has been far-reaching and not always subtle, throwing up a disjointed muddle of urbanizaciones, each with its own niche. Torremolinos is a popular gay resort, Benalmádena plugs theme parks and aquariums, Fuengirola draws families and water-sport lovers, Mijas poses as one of Andaucía's authentic white villages of yore, Marbella is loudly rich and partial to big yachts and golf, while Estepona maintains a semblance of its former Spanish self. Take your pick.
An all around year destination
5 Reasons to visit Andorra
1.- Top SHOPPING destination
2.- 90% is covered by stunning NATURAL spaces
3.-GASTRONOMY - plenty of Alpine dishes
4.- More than 300km of SKY slopes
5.- Pioneer in WELLNESS with Caldea and the hotels specialist in relaxation.
Mallorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea
1.- CLIMATE. Palma still shines after summer
2.- ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL HERITAGE. Experience Palma de Mallorca, a city that invites you to discover its historic buildings
3.- PALMA, A LIVING CITY. Palma, a 365-days-a-year destination
4.- A CITY FACING THE SEA. Palma de Mallorca, a city that looks out to sea
5.- THE GATEWAY TO MAJORCA. the capital of the Balearics is the gateway to discovering the resr of Majorca
7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lisbon at Least Once in Your Life
1.- It’s one of a kind:: Cheerful, calm, and vibrant,
2.- Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean culture?
3.- Fresh yet cheap seafood
4.-Unique infrastructure
5.- Fado and saudade have no equivalent in the English-speaking world
6.-For a mix of experiences
7.- It’s a great city for newbie wander-lusters